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Pyetje Dhe Pergjigje Nga Lenda E Kimis.rar 1 (April-2022)




.7 MB. Çdo krahasuar në artikullin e fundit, ndërkohë që në ata përmbajtur kërkesën e shkrimtarëve për keshtuar bujkatës që janë 1.9 MB.Wednesday, May 13, 2009 BUMBA'S BACK! by the way... our house is small... and at one point it looked like this: or something like this... but i always liked the view at the top of the stairs. well... we have a new view: with a fence. our front door is still in its spot, but we moved the stairs to make room for this awesome new view! the view... oh my gosh! it's like... a walk-through window! we can watch the world go by, including the neighbors and their children! isn't this great?! by the way, i love how the new lighting made the whole downstairs feel "clean". we've also changed the curtains... those are in the living room, not the basement. the basement has quite a few windows in it, too, and they are all super tiny and dark. so here's another view, at night. oh my gosh, now i really do feel like i'm living in a mansion! and i feel so totally spoiled by all the gorgeous flowers that are growing in front of our house. the flowers grow right in front of our kitchen and they are a beautiful shade of lilac. i love to come home in the early morning and see them. with the window open, the morning sun is right in the window and i feel like i'm in a greenhouse! i love it! we're also replacing the flooring in the entryway and the garage. we'll be putting in tile. i just cannot wait! oh...and we have a new cat! he's a 9-year-old boy and he's a rescue. he was bought from the shelter, along with his sister, when she was only about 2 years old. the shelter was never able to place the two





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Pyetje Dhe Pergjigje Nga Lenda E Kimis.rar 1 (April-2022)

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