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“An ounce of mediation is worth a pound of arbitration and a ton of litigation!” — Joseph Grynbaum
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Family Mediation

Mediation is a very broad term and can work in all kinds of disputes. The key thing to remember is that the mediation room is a place where people who have a dispute can attend a safe, confidential, and neutral space to work through differences and arrive at a solution they can both agree to. This differs from the court process where a judge will impose an outcome.

We believe that the opportunity to sit down with the other party and tell them face to face your side of the argument and what effect the dispute is having on you goes a long way to setting the stage for a positive negotiating environment that is focused on reaching a resolution and some healing.

Shield Trust Group specialises in supporting families through difficult times. We provide support for you and your family when experiencing conflicts and disputes. We can provide support for the following:

  • Reconciliation

  • Divorce & Separation

  • Family Disputes

Book a private consultation with our mediators and begin your journey out of conflict.

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