What We Do


Outreach is close to our hearts; We are a movement of activists!


It is our mission to build awareness around positive masculinity so that more men can be confident in their purpose and achieve their goals.


We believe that fathers should be given helpful resources and materials to thrive at the inception of fatherhood.  We facilitate handyman sessions for the fatherless (girls & boys). Look out for our workshop on the following:

  • Becoming a father 

  • Masculinity 101

  • Fatherhood: Reunite & Ignite

  • Legacy Program

Read more about our "Becoming a father" scheme below.


Improved channels of communication and mediation are close to our hearts. We believe that the majority of challenges society faces can be addressed with the appropriate mechanisms for discussion enabled. At shield trust group, we optimise the power of communication to bring people together and address differences.